Birthday Roses

It’s was Lindas birthday this past Monday and Esther and the kids bought her some lovely Roses. I just had to take about 100 photos of these beautiful flowers whilst Linda was out that afternoon. It fel;t good to be inspired if only briefly to pick up the phone again.

I have played around with a couple of the images. This one appeared on Lindas Facebook wall so she could show off her flowers. I did another manipulation using Snapseed that I’ll be posting at the weekend on

This was taken with Hipstamatic using the Tinto 1848 Lens and the W40 Film with no flash.

Lindas Birthday Blooms

Roses Lovely Roses

Favourite Photo From 2012

I have been away from this blog for quite some time. I haven’t had the motivation that I had at the start of 2012 when the whole world of iPhoneography was opening up for me. I still followed iPhoneography news, played with new apps when they were released. I looked at some amazing art that came across my screen throughout the year and I honestly think that that was where my problem had it’s start. I was trying to match myself up to everyone else’s standards and I felt (and still do) that my efforts were not as good to stand next to other iPhoneographers work. I was intimidated by standards that I had set up for myself and somehow couldn’t break those barriers to move forward.

As I start into 2013 I realise that I have to be easier on myself and go with the flow and see where I can reach to. See how far my mind and my eye will allow me to extend myself.

With that being said, I have taken some photos this year that I am quite pleased with, but my favourite is this one:

Gibson Grin

My favourite shot of the year.

This was taken on Boxing Day, and it ignited a spark that I hadn’t really felt since way back earlier in the first half of the year. It felt quite good. It may not pass muster with some, it may have some issues in exposure, but it caught a moment in time when he was full of joy and smiling for all his worth.

I am not going to make promises that I will being posting daily or weekly, but I am determined that I am going to be out more looking for things that are inspiring to me that I think will push me one step further than the last time I took a shot.

Happy New Year to whomever may read this blog. Here’s to 2013.

Until Next Time…

She Holds Me Up

I was going to name this post My Rock, but I am so tired of that cliché. I have so many words in my head to describe my Wife, none of them ever do enough justice to what should be said. Each day she makes sure I am medicated and alive for one more day. Each evening she makes sure that I have everything I need to make it to the next day.

I don’t know why she puts up with my crap half the time… I guess it’s because I make her famous on the

When she saw this picture she complained that she wasn’t smiling.. to which I replied, “You don’t have to smile for every picture.. This is the Honest Linda. This is the you that deals with day to day life”

My wonderful wife Linda

Honesty, it’s not about faking a smile just because a camera is pointing at you.

1974 Sky

This image was taken this evening in my back garden. The sky has been very changeable most of the day, One period it could be grey and overcast and half an hour later it would be Blue skies all round. As you can see I managed to catch a somewhat billowy period.

A Billowy Cloudy Sky

I could almost go fly a kite.

An Update

Hello there.. I bet you thought I had forgotten you didn’t you?

Well I haven’t. I am bitterly disappointed that I have been unable to keep up with my desired posting regime. I dreadfully miss taking pictures and the processing of pictures.

There is a very good reason behind my absence. I have for the past month. I have tried to take plenty of pictures in different situations in various environments, but one thing has become very evident in these pictures. I do not have a steady hand at the moment. I am not sure why this has started now.

Pretty much every picture I have taken over the past 3 weeks has come out like I have been on a trampoline. I am not noticing a noticeable shake in my hands or arms but looking at the pictorial evidence it’s there.

Until I can get this under control, I am not comfortable in posting anything that is below my own personal standards. I may not be a very competent photographer at the best of times, but I think I am (or was) getting better with each photography session.

Until this is sorted, please be patient with me.