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January 11th

January 11th, 2017

See those chocolate Palm Trees? They sit atop a cup of glorious wonder that tasted so sweet, you would be forgiven for forgetting that I am Diabetic and I just lost my mind and decided to slip into a Hypoglycemic coma!

OK, I may be over-egging the pudding a bit, but this coffee did taste really good for three reasons:

  • It was from my favourite coffee shop
  • It was bloody cold outside and it was great to get in out of the wind
  • It was “free”

Yep, free. I had accumulated enough points to get a free one on the house. So I did and it tasted so much better for it.

I took half an hour to sit with that wonder coffee and read my book and listened to some music, it was just a great way to destress after some pretty shitty days. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Tomorrow folks!