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January 3rd

January 3rd,2017

Towards the end of Summer last year, I got wind of a new video game coming out. I am not (or wasn’t) a big gamer. I had one or two PC games that I used to play on very odd occasions, but I was never what you would ordinarily call a gamer. When I heard that Injustice: Gods Amongst Us was getting a sequel, I got all kinds of excited. You see, that is the one game that I could play for hours and hours and not get bored. The problem, however, was that my poor old PC would have nowhere near the power to play the game once it was released. SO I put my thinking cap on and came up with the hair-brained solution that I would see what it was like to play on a Games Console.

And then it began. I started off with a cheap second hand Xbox 360, just to test the waters and see if I would get along with playing on a console. Having not used one since the Playstation 2 came out (and I was crap then) – I took tentative steps into finding out which games suited me. I purchased the original Injustice game to play on the 360 and found that it was just like coming home. From there in a blur I found myself looking at deals for the Xbox One.

To cut a long story short, I now have an XBox One S – and I find myself addicted to another game whilst I await Injustice 2 – This game is Dead Rising 4. From the first trailer I saw for this game I knew I wanted to play it. It is just so off the wall fun, that I can easily lose 3 or 4 hours playing it without really achieving anything of note in the game. Zombie Bashing is my new stress relief.

And yes that is my character with a fire axe in his hand and a reindeer head after smashing a few zombie skulls.