It occurred to me this afternoon, that I could make this challenge a little easier by assigning some of the days of the week a theme. As I mentioned in my last post, I attempted a photo challenge before and I had to stop after 100 days, that was partly due to circumstances outside of my control, but also, I was finding it hard to find new things to post and keep it fresh.

I think if there are set things that will be posted on certain days, then it will reduce the strain of being totally original each day. This isn’t a cop-out, I don’t intend on just posting the same thing every week. It’s my plan to keep things light-hearted and fun, but with a little bit of structure to go along with the challenge.

The first theme will be Mug Monday.

I collect mugs, my family would say I hoard mugs and cups, but the fact is my parents started this madness when I was a child and insisted on buying me Easter Eggs that came with either a mug or an egg cup. These little foibles of my family got me started and into teendom and adulthood, I have just carried on collecting. Some get broken along the way and a little bit of my heart gets chipped away. So I just do what any normal person would do, I replace it and move on. If friends and family are stuck for a gift idea…. I get a mug and I am happy.

3 thoughts on “Themes

  1. Kay

    That’s it……… blame it on your ‘shabby’ childhood, lol. Your ‘love’ of all things mug-tacular was not foisted upon you but carefully nurtured all throughout your childhood. Had I known that this all consuming hoarding, sorry collecting, would eventually lead to an extra room being needed to accommodate your mug-tastic collection I would have set you on the route towards numismatism or philately. Lol

    1. Paul Post author

      OK, so I was “Nurtured” – You could have nurtured me to understand big words… thank god for Google – Stamps and Money would have been OK, but not doubt I would have gotten bored with them… no danger. The danger with never knowing when you’re going to drop a mug is the thrill of it all.

      Thank you for commenting

  2. Linda Hurwood

    It’s ok you can tell the truth that I am the one who seems to break your favourite ones – I can handle it – I will just pull up my big girl panties and take what ever you want to hurl at me = Wait let me put on the face 🙁 xx

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